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Interface for incremental encoders

PTB News 1.2016
Especially interesting for
  • measurement, control and regulation technology

With a new PTB conversion set, old potentiometers, e.g. in power plant control stations, can be converted easily to digital operation.

Using the PTB conversion set, the potentiometers of old switch rooms can be converted easily to digital operation (image: Fotolia)

Today, analog rotary controls can still be found in power plant control stations, system control units and many control rooms.. In order to make digital conversion of such controls possible while retaining the advantages of sensitive rotary controls, PTB has developed a conversion set which is compatible with many digital controls. Operation by means of these digital controls is markedly more ergonomic than by means of a commercially available monitor, and is a better option especially when very small parameters have to be continuously re-adjusted. Software programs, parts lists and documentation of the global approach are available for technology transfer.
(Technology Offer 0392)

  • suitable for all types of switch rooms
  • USB interface
  • SPS compatible


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