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Sharp images of organs in motion

PTB-News 3.2015

Correction for motion in an MRI system by means of UWB radar

In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the motions of the heart, respiration or other movements of the patient may affect the imaging quality. This problem can be solved by simultaneous irradiation with ultra-wideband (UWB) radar signals. Together with the TU Ilmenau, PTB has developed a system of antennae which allows the UWB technology to be used in innovative ultra-high-field MRI. Thus, the advantages of the UWB technology (avoiding motion artifacts) are combined with those of ultra-high-field MRI (shorter measuring times and enhanced spatial resolution). (Technology Offers 0219 and 0187)


can be used down to nanolayer thicknesses

on-site applications possible

small dimensions

high precision thanks to MEMS structure

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