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PTB-News 3.2015

Martin Kahmann

The Head of Department 2.3 “Electrical Energy Measuring Techniques” was awarded the DKE badge of honor for the numerous years he spent acting as a dedicated convener, spokesman, president and director of various subgroups of DKE and CEN as well as for his activities in favor of standardization at the national and the international levels.

Best Paper Award received by Thomas Kleine-Ostmann's group
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kleine-OstmannThomas Kleine-Ostmann from Department 2.2 and co-authors Christian Jastrow, Kai Baaske, Bernd Heinen, Michael Schwerdtfeger, Uwe Kärst, Henning Hintzsche, Helga Stopper, Martin Koch and Thorsten Schrader were honored with the 2015 THz Science and Technology Best Paper Award of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) for the publication entitled “Field Exposure and Dosimetry in the THz Frequency Range”.