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Gap measurement standard

PTB-News 2.2015
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines

calibration and test laboratories

Lengths on screw threads, toothed gears or other components exhibiting gaps are often measured in double-flank contact. The gap measurement standard developed at PTB detects and corrects influences which are due to self-centering probing or to double-point contact and are frequently neglected. On a thermally invariant base plate, at least four precision spheres are placed which were calibrated against each other in this position. For maximum measurement accuracy, the geometry as well as the probing conditions of the gap measurement standard and of the component to be tested should correspond to each other. (Technology Offer #0365).

Example of a gap measurement standard with 3 selected sets of 4 spheres


calibration of probe stylus configurations

optimized measurements in double-flank contact

same measurement strategy for both calibration and application

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