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Underground laboratory turns 30

PTBnews 3.2021

UDO, PTB’s underground laboratory, has now been in existence for 30 years. As it has one of the lowest radiation levels in the world, it offers optimum conditions for environmental radioactivity monitoring and, thus, also indirectly has optimum conditions for the observation of climate change and its parameters by means of the radon tracer method. Originally, the laboratory was set up in the Asse II mine in 1991. In 2011, it was moved to a salt mine belonging to esco (Kali + Salz AG) in Grasleben. In the last 30 years, the UDO laboratory has studied and calibrated many of the dosimetry systems used in Europe. (Contact: Faton Krasniqi, +49 531 592-6223, Opens local program for sending emailfaton.krasniqi(at)ptb.de)