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Artefacts for the determination of mass

PTBnews 3.2021
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of weighing instruments and weights

metrology institutes

Schematic representation of a sorption artefact consisting of three disks.

When calibrating mass standards, it is important to determine the mass of substances that may have accumulated on the surface of the standard. The mass of these substances can be determined by means of sorption artefacts that consist of several individual disks. The values gaines in this way are taken into account in the form of a correction to increase the measurement accuracy. A new concept from PTB allows each of the disks to be handled efficiently and cleaned simply. This was achieved by a tilting- and rocking-resistant bearing by means of which the individual elements can be assembled and taken apart again. (Technology Offer 519)


tilting-resistant, reproducible stacking

increased measurement accuracy

user-friendly handling

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