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Particle flow charging

PTBnews 3.2021
Especially interesting for

explosion protection

the pharmaceutical industry

the food and petroleum industry

Function principle of the measurement procedure for detecting the electrostatic charging of powder flows

For the explosion protection of industrial plants, it is extremely important to know the electrostatic charging behavior of particles (e.g., powders) during transport in flows. The new technology is based on two different measurements which use particle image velocimetry (PIV). A test channel is located between two defined measurement sections. An electrostatic field is applied to this test channel which affects the particle trajectories depending on their charge. The change in charge between the two measurement sections is determined by observing the individual particles in these sections. This procedure allows the electrostatic charging of laminar or turbulent flows (powders or liquids) to be measured online and non-invasively. It may also contribute to enhancing the safety of many transport processes. (Technology Offer 527)


measurement of the electrostatic charge distribution of flows

applicable to turbulent flows

suitable for both powders and liquids

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