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3D printing of magnetic objects

PTBnews 2.2021
Especially interesting for

additive manufacturing

medical engineering

the automotive sector

Ein neues Konzept aus der PTB für die additive Fertigung (auch 3D-Druck genannt) beschreibt eine zeitsparende, präzise Erzeugung von Bauteilen, die gezielt mit magnetischen Nanopartikeln als Zusatzstoffen angereichert sind. 

A new concept developed at PTB for additive manufacturing (commonly called 3D printing) describes a time-saving and precise way of producing components that are specifically enriched with magnetic nanoparticles as additives. This procedure allows the layer-by-layer generation of a desired magnetic anisotropy that will remain latently present in the finished product. The non-magnetic shaped body is given a magnetic signature (a preferred orientation, preferred axis or preferred plane of the magnetizability) that is advantageous for practical applications. This method has allowed magnetic reference measurement objects to be manufactured and to be successfully imaged by means of magnetic imaging procedures for the first time. It also enables more in-depth investigations, for instance, of the exact reproduction of medical models (organs, vessels) with defined magnetic properties or of the component-specific identification for additive manufacturing. (Technology Offer 517)


non-contact magnetic measurement

time-saving, precise manufacturing

direct measurement of the build direction of 3D printed components