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Secure “computer time”

PTBnews 1.2021

The synchronization of clocks from connected computers and digital devices is a fundamental precondition for many distributed applications. The “Network Time Protocol” (NTP) which PTB also uses to disseminate “its” UTC(PTB) time is used especially often.

With the participation of PTB, the IETF standardization committee has developed a standard by which the identity of the time server as well as the integrity and authenticity of the exchanged time information can be ensured. The “Network Time Security (NTS) Protocol” has already been implemented in different NTP applications. The NTS-enabled NTP server of PTB can be found at: ptbnts1.ptb.de. (Contact: Dieter Sibold, +49 531-592 8462, Opens local program for sending emaildieter.sibold(at)ptb.de)