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Technology Transfer Prize

PTBnews 1.2021

The project “Die rundesten Kugeln der Welt – der deutsche Mittelstand und die PTB Hand in Hand” (The roundest spheres in the world – German SMEs and PTB working hand in hand) was awarded the Seifriz Prize which is awarded to projects in all of Germany by the Technologietransfer Handwerk e.V. association in Baden-Württemberg. 

Together with the Häfner Gewichte GmbH (in Oberrot) and J. Hauser GmbH & Co. KG (in Solms), PTB has found a way to manufacture silicon spheres for use as a highly precise reference for the unit kilogram for the global market on an industrial scale. (Contact: Frank Härtig, +49 531-592 2000, Opens local program for sending emailfrank.haertig(at)ptb.de)