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Magneto-optical Fresnel atomic trap

PTBnews 1.2021
Especially interesting for

manufacturers of quantum sensors with cold atoms

A magneto-optical trap (MOT) aims to reliably capture and cool down atoms by means of laser light. 

Fresnel reflector of 25.4 mm in diameter in a stainless-steel holder

In PTB’s new design, a nearly planar structure is combined with an achromatic operating principle. By periodically folding back the mirror on a plane (analogously to the principle of the Fresnel lens), it becomes possible to observe the trap volume from all sides. The surface has a sawtooth-like structure in the millimeter range. Due to its planarity, the trap can even be positioned outside a vacuum chamber for easier adjustment. (Technology Offer 514)


free radial optical access

low-cost manufacturing

completely achromatic optical path

Contact person for questions about technology transfer

Andreas Barthel, Phone: +49 531 592-8307, Opens local program for sending emailandreas.barthel(at)ptb.de, Opens external link in new windowwww.technologietransfer.ptb.de/en