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PTBnews 1.2021

Joachim Ullrich

The President of PTB has received the highest honor of the German Physical Society (DPG) for experimental physics: the Stern-Gerlach Medal. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Ullrich will become the President of the DPG starting in April 2022 after his retirement from PTB.

Michael Rinker

Michael Rinker, a staff member of Department 1.5, Liquid Flow, has received an “OIML Letter of Appreciation” which honors his outstanding work in OIML TC 8/SC 3 and in the field of measuring systems for liquids other than water.

Martin Thedens

Martin Thedens, a staff member of Department 3.7, Fundamentals of Explosion Protection, has been the chairperson of the IEC TC 31 “Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres” standardization committee since 1 August 2020

Stefanie Kroker

Stefanie Kroker, head of the junior research group Metrology for Functional Nanosystems, has received a prize for junior scientists which is endowed with 20,000 euros.

Laura Dreissen

Laura Dreissen, a staff member of the QUEST Institute at PTB, has received a research scholarship from the Humboldt Foundation.