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New Vice President of PTB

PTBnews 3.2020

Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Frank Härtig ist neuer Vizepräsident der PTB. Er löst damit Hon.-Prof. Dr. Roman Schwartz ab, der das Amt sechs Jahre lang innehatte. 

Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Frank Härtig

Dr.-Ing. Prof. h.c. Frank Härtig has been the Vice President of PTB. He succeeded Hon.- Prof. Dr. Roman Schwartz, who held this position for six years. As the Vice President, Roman Schwartz had above all the “internal affairs” of PTB as well as legal metrology on his agenda. As the President of the International Committee of Legal Metrology (CIML), he will remain in close contact with PTB in the coming years in the international metrology network. On 1 May 2020, Roman Schwartz handed the scepter to the mechanical engineer Frank Härtig, who has a lot of experience with PTB for his new tasks as well: After over ten years of experience in industry, he joined the “Coordinate Metrology” Department at the end of the 1990s. In 2008, he became the head of the department. In 2014, he took on Roman Schwartz's position as the Head of the “Mechanics and Acoustics” Division, and now he has taken on his position as the Vice President. Continuity is thus guaranteed in all task fields. Beyond that, Mr. Härtig is also dedicated to the challenges of tomorrow. As a member of the Presidential Board, he is responsible for digitalization. Here, he is able to apply his groundbreaking experience to all of PTB.