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Corona: Multi-stage set of measures at PTB

PTB-News 2.2020

PTB has implemented numerous measures to fight the coronavirus (SARSCoV- 2); for example, nearly all events planned for the near future have been cancelled, as have official trips – including those between PTB’s sites. All staff members working on site at PTB Braunschweig and PTB Berlin must follow strict hygiene and conduct regulations. Lastly, most PTB staff members are now working from home. This has allowed (and will allow) tasks to be completed that are essential for research and service. It will not be possible to prevent delays in these areas, since many research and service tasks can only be completed on site in the laboratory. Nevertheless, PTB is making every effort to ensure that all essential measurement tasks continue to be performed – in other words, to ensure that the clocks keep ticking instead of just killing time. To meet this challenge, PTB uses a multi-stage set of measures with three operational statuses beyond the normal operational status: “flexible operational status” (represented by yellow in the traffic lights), “restricted operational status” (orange) and “emergency operational status” (red). Following the set of measures, PTB must (and intends to) continue its fundamental research and service tasks as well as possible given the current constraints. The current operational status for each of the PTB sites can be found in an infographic on the main page of PTB᾽s website (www.ptb.de).

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Corona crisis management team
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