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Compact double-pass AOM

PTB-News 2.2020
Especially interesting for

laser spectroscopy

manufacturers of optical components

Diagrammatic sketch of the double-pass AOM prototype

Acousto-optic modulator systems (AOMs) are used to modulate the frequency and the intensity of laser radiation. If a beam passes twice through an AOM, this allows the frequency shift to be doubled while at the same time suppressing the primary beam frequency adequately. Such a setup is called a double-pass arrangement. Our new PTB design is based on a specific convolution of the beam path for use in the ultraviolet spectral range. The disadvantages of conventional UV double-pass setups are thus eliminated by keeping the beam focus off the mirror surface, so that the mirror no longer runs the risk of being destroyed. In addition, the overall setup exhibits a much more compact design. (Technology Offer 505)


keeping the focus off the mirror surface

no beam displacement

compact design

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