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PTBnews 1.2020

Rudolf Meeß, Thomas Wiedenhöfer, Frank Härtig and Katharina Lehrmann The team of PTB scientists was awarded the Technology Transfer Prize of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Braunschweig for successfully passing on a masterpiece of metrological and product engineering from research to industry, namely ultrapure, extremely round silicon spheres which represent the new definition of the kilogram.

(Photo: IHK Braunschweig)

While the purest spheres with the bestknown characteristics will remain at PTB Braunschweig as the highest reference, several other silicon spheres are to go to institutes and laboratories all over the world to serve as the basis of the physical unit of mass. It was possible to entrust the J. Hauser GmbH & Co. KG as well as the Häfner GmbH with the distribution and sale of the mass standards. These companies use the know-how and procedures which were developed at PTB during many years of research for this.

Dieter Hoffmann

The leader of the research project ”The PTR during the Third Reich“ was awarded the ”2020 Abraham Pais Prize for History of Physics“. With this prize, the American Physical Society honours the science historian ”for insightful, determined, often courageous biographical and institutional studies of the history of German physics and technology, from Weimar through the Nazi and East German regimes“.

Christoph Kolbitsch

The head of the 8.13 ”Quantitative MRI“ working group was honoured as a young scientist by the Werner von Siemens Ring Foundation for his work in the field of movement correction for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Mr. Kolbitsch᾽s work is focussed on the influence that physiological movements of organs (i.e. due to respiration) has on quantitative MRI procedures. Together with his working group at PTB, he develops procedures which guarantee an accurate and reproducible determination of bio-physical parameters in MRI in patients.