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Energy detector for particle accelerators

PTBnews 1.2020
Especially interesting for

developers and operators of particle accelerators in research

medical engineering

materials testing

Ein Prototyp des Detektors, installiert am 50-MeV-Forschungsbeschleuniger MELAF bei der PTB-Braunschweig

A detector developed at PTB measures the mean energy and charge of charged particles. These measurements are pulseresolved and take place in real time. The device, which delivers up to 10 measurements per second, is also suitable for continuous ion radiation and electron radiation . Moreover , its principle allows the energy of particle radiation of very low intensity to be determined. The device consists of a segmented Faraday cup – which is the actual detector – and specifically developed measuring electronics. These electronics are responsible for acquiring the signals and performing important protective functions for the detector. The design is freely scalable to a large extent to suit different energies, power ranges and beam apertures.


real-time beam monitoring

for electron, carbon-ion and proton accelerators

also suitable as a temporary beam dump