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Analytical Jacobian matrices for optics

PTBnews 1.2020
Especially interesting for

optics manufacturers

manufacturers of asphere and freeform measuring instruments

Aspherical lens shape

New challenges are arising for modern optical measuring systems with regard to the simulation and optimization of the measuring systems and assessment procedures. This is particularly true of form measurement systems for aspheres, freeform surfaces and the simulation of optical systems such as those used in modern camera systems, and complex optical measuring systems. Optimizing procedures which require Jacobian matrices are becoming ever more important. Depending on the number of parameters to be optimized, PTB's procedure considerably reduces the number of simulations required to compute the Jacobian matrices, and it allows the computing time to be drastically reduced. PTB's procedure can thus be used in inline systems. (Technology Offer 376)


considerably shorter computing times

higher numerical accuracies

versatile application possibilities for various optical systems