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In short

PTB is taking part in two large-scale DFGfunded research projects: In the special research area “Relativistic geodesy and gravimetry with quantum sensors” (geo-Q) (a project with an estimated term of up to 12 years), PTB will, together with several other research partners, investigate the fundamentals of trendsetting procedures for the measurement of the Earth and of its constant changes, including climate change. In the Research Training Group “Metrology for Complex Nanosystems” (Nanomet), PTB, together with scientists from the Technische Universität Braunschweig (TUBS) will, for an initial period of 4 years, investigate topics revolving around the accurate measurement of ultrasmall and ultraprecise objects.

PTB and TUBS have intensified their collaboration in the field of metrology. On 25 June 2014, the respective presidents signed a cooperation agreement which includes, among other things, the first master's course “Metrology and Analysis” at the national level; the beginning of this course is planned for the winter semester of 2014. The lectures will be given by lecturers from TUBS and PTB. In addition, there will be joint research projects as well as joint research training groups and research institutes. Their largest joint project to date is the Laboratory of Emerging Nanometrology. It is being set up on TUBS's campus; the necessary funds amounting to 30 million euros are provided by the Federal Government and the federal state of Lower Saxony.

The newly founded association “Traceability for Computationally Intensive Metrology” (TraCIM e.V.) develops and monitors quality characteristics. Based on these, analysis algorithms of metrological applications can be validated via the Internet. The founding members are PTB as well as 6 members of its staff. In the future, further members in the form of European metrology institutes, and designated institutes or actively involved employees of these institutes will be able to join this association.