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Ernst O. Göbel

PTB's previous president has received the “DIN Ehrenring” (Ring of Honour) – the highest award granted by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN, German Institute of Standardization). In addition, the Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions (COOMET) awarded him the honorary title “Merited Metrologist of COOMET”, thus recognizing his continuous support of the regional metrology organization during his term of office.






Lukas Fricke, Bernd Kästner, Ralf Dolata, Frank Hohls, Hans Werner Schumacher

These PTB members of staff were awarded the Hermann von Helmholtz Prize for developing a self-referenced quantum current source which is deemed a decisive step towards the realization of the base unit the ampere based on a fundamental constant. The prize was presented to them on 24 June 2014, following the Hermann von Helmholtz Symposium held in Braunschweig.

from left:

Nathalie von Siemens (treasurer of the Helmholtz Fund), Hans Werner Schumacher, Frank Hohls, Bernd Kästner, Lukas Fricke, Ralf Dolata, Joachim Ullrich (President of PTB and Chairman of the Helmholtz Fund)