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Sound protection with a bend for orchestral musicians

Especially interesting for
  • professional musicians

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Photo: PTB

An EU directive, which was passed in 2007, prescribes appropriate sound protection also for professional musicians. Thanks to PTB's newly developed sound protection shields, orchestral musicians can communicate perfectly during rehearsals, without having to dispense with good shielding. The attenuation partitions are shaped in such a way that they only attenuate those areas where the level of the sound coming from the neighbouring rows is high. Yet they have enough open interspaces to allow human communication. In practice, this means that the upper part of the transparent partitions is provided with a bend and a slant according to exactly dimensioned prescriptions. The acoustic surface attenuation, provided on both sides by absorbers in the lower part of the shields, prevents excessive sound levels.

  • protection of orchestral musicians against hearing damage
  • improved mutual hearing in front of the shield
  • flexible arrangement of the shields, e.g. in a circlewas