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High-frequency EEG

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  • medical engineering
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Measuring brain waves by means of an electroencephalogram (EEG) is an established medical technique. To learn more about the function of the brain, on the one hand, and to detect diagnosable pathological modifications that could previously not be detected, on the other hand, modern brain research is increasingly geared to detect low brain waves and to monitor them at high frequencies in the range of a few hundred to a few kHz. PTB's invention makes this range of medical research and application accessible. This technology allows feeds from ground loops and intrinsic thermal noise of lead electrodes to be minimized prior to the measurement. This was previously possible only to a very limited extent; in some cases, it circlewas necessary to resort to the differentiation of large signals by means of software. PTB's solution technically relies on a special shielding design of the analogue primary amplifier circuit, in combination with an optional impedance measurement. The system is being used in clinical research to improve diagnostic EEGs.

  • highest-sensitivity EEG measurement
  • neuronal signals around 1 kHz become accessible
  • simple circuit design