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maßstäbe 12th Edition: Meilensteine (in German)
The milestones in more than 125 years of metrological research. Subscribe for free or order a class set from PTB's Press Office
(presse(at)ptb.de). A few copies of the last edition (maßstäbe 11: Kräfte messen) are still available.

Imke Frischmuth, Jens Simon (editors):
Metrological Reader
The art of measuring at PTB – in the past, present and future. (Miscellany of the PTBMitteilungen of the year 2012 on the occasion
of the 125th anniversary of PTB/PTR).
Editor: nw-Verlag Bremerhaven,
ISBN 978-3-86918-302-2
(Will be published in October 2013)

PTB-Mitteilungen Vol. 1/2013 (in German)
In the focus: The PTR in exile in Thuringia

PTB-Mitteilungen Heft 2/2013 (in German)
Focus: Ionization radiation in medicine

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