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PTB and Europe

The following EMRP projects coordinated by PTB scientists have just been launched or are to start soon:

June 2013:

  • Metrology for movement and positioning in six degrees of freedom
  • Multi-sensor metrology for microparts in innovative industrial products
  • Traceable in-process dimensional measurement
  • Single-photon sources for quantum technologies
  • Quantum resistance metrology based on graphene
  • Automated impedance metrology extending the quantum toolbox for electricity
  • Realization, dissemination and application of the unit watt in airborne sound
  • A quantum standard for sampled electrical measurements

July 2013:

  • Spintronics and spin-caloritronics in magnetic nanosystems
  • Metrology for long distance surveying
  • Force traceability within the meganewton range

October 2013:

  • Crystalline surfaces, self-assembled structures, and nano-origami as length standard in (nano)metrology
  • If you wish to obtain more information about these projects or to consult the project descriptions (pdf), please read the online issue of the PTB-News (www.Opens internal link in current windowptb.de  Publications  PTB-News) or visit www.euramet.org

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