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Protection from electrostatic charging

Licence available
Especially interesting for
  • explosion protection
  • plastics industry
Thermostat probe of the dielectric-constant gas thermometer with gas handling system ensuring gas delivery to the various measuring capacitors.

Thanks to a procedure which was developed at PTB and for which a patent has been applied, explosions due to the electrostatic charging of electrically insulating plastic surfaces can be prevented. Hereby, they are given a smooth, antistatic surface during the forming operation.

This procedure is applicable to plastics which are not suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to this new procedure, a greater variety of materials can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres than previously – with the costs and mechanical properties remaining virtually the same.


Ulrich von Pidoll
Department 3.7 Prevention on Ignition Sources
Phone: +49 (0)531 592-3431
E-mail: ulrich.v.pidoll(at)ptb.de