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3D laser resonator mounting

Licence available
Especially interesting for
  • interferometry
  • spectroscopy

Producing robust lasers which emit a stable optical frequency in any orientation and at any acceleration has come a step closer. A patented, PTB-designed mounting allows high-end lasers to be operated with their highly sensitive reference resonators also in demanding environments. The mounting design employs suspending wires to fix the resonator in all three particudimensions. The mounting points are located in such a way that acting forces (e. g. from vibrations) do not influence the critical resonator length that determines the reference frequency. Thus, applications are possible even under rough conditions where the laser is used as a reference source for optical clocks, for the generation of microwaves with ultra-low phase noise, or for high-resolution spectroscopy. Due to the crucial importance of the system, PTB is pursuing, in addition, the internationalization of the patent application.


Uwe Sterr
Department 4.3 Quantum Optics and Unit of Length
Phone: +49 (0)531 592-4312
E-mail: uwe.sterr(at)ptb.de