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Log measuring in harvesters

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Especially interesting for

  • the timber industry
  • manufacturers of harvesters
Test piece for the calibration of the diameter-measuring sensors in harvesters

Measuring the diameter of logs is presently not precise enough to determine the volume of timber for verification purposes during the felling and limbing process inside harvesters. A new combination of sensors and test pieces, developed at PTB, now enables clear progress in determining the diameter of logs. This is achieved by integrating the diameter-measuring sensors into the lateral surface of the cylinder barrel surface of the feed rolls. Together with the software analysis, the accuracy is increased. In addition, this saves work steps during the calibration of the harvester's measuring probes.


Ingo Lohse
Department 5.4 Interferometry on Material Measures
Tel. +49 (0)531 592-5450
E-Mail: ingo.lohse(at)ptb.de