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Sleeve reduces risk of explosion

Surface temperature of T5 fluorescent lamps without (above) and with (below) sleeve

Instead of T8 fluorescent lamps, so-called T5 fluorescent lamps are used increasingly by industry today, as they are more energy-efficient and – thus – more economical. They have, however, the disadvantage of heating up more and more – and more irregularly – due to fatigue. Due to these “hotspots”, they can be used in explosion-hazardous areas only to a very limited extent. A newly developed sleeve now distributes the developing heat so that other ignition-physical conditions develop. T5 fluorescent lamps up to 54 W HO which are provided with these sleeves can also be used economically in explosion-hazardous areas. 


Rainer Kulessa
Department 3.6 Intrinsic Safety and Safety of Systems
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