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Measuring force and displacement dynamically and with high precision

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Especially interesting for:

  • mechanical engineering
  • material testing

Whether in the field of vibration technology or in mechanical engineering: The measurement of forces and torques is the basis for numerous applications in industry and research, e.g. material testing. So far, however, the dynamic calibration of test equipment, e.g. material testing machines, has been a problem. The measurands "force" and "displacement" are often calibrated only statically – individually and sequentially. This is not only time-consuming, but can also lead to a great measurement uncertainty in a dynamic test. The dynamic force-displacement sensor – a transfer standard developed by PTB – can measure force and displacement jointly and dynamically and can thus be used for an application-oriented in-situ calibration. The results are traceable and more precise than ever before.


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Patent No.:

DE 10 2009 022 769.5 ; 2009-05-25