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EU supports future metrological research

The EU supports the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) in Europe with 200 million euros and thus bears half of the costs estimated at 400 million euros, over a period of seven years. It is the aim of EMRP to further develop the scientific- technical metrology infrastructure in Europe – for the greatest possible benefit of all who have to rely on accurate and reliable measurements. The contents of the programme, which in Germany is borne, above all, by PTB, are oriented both towards pressing social and scientific questions, such as the energy supply, environment, safety and health, as also towards the further development of metrology. Within the scope of EMRP, each European country will no longer define its scientific projects on its own. Research institutes from 22 states much rather want to concentrate all their existing strength in future on joint projects and create the freedom to find solutions to current research work.

Last year already, 21 joint projects, from nanotechnology and cancer treatment, to highly accurate length measurements, and to the redefinition of the kilogram, were launched within the scope of an ERANET-plus promotion – as a test run for the much more comprehensive EMRP. EMRP is coordinated by EURAMET e.V., the joint umbrella organisation of the metrology institutes in Europe.

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