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Central certification body established

PTB's service offer in the field of certification of products and quality systems has now been bundled to form one single certification body. Previously, the responsibility for these activities had been distributed to three separate certification bodies.

The PTB performs conformity assessments within the scope of different certification systems and each year issues more than 2000 certificates for that purpose. With the fusion of the former three certification bodies (for non-automatic weighing instruments, explosion protection and measuring instruments) to one single body it pursues two objectives: uniformity and more effective quality assurance by consistent application of the four-eyes principle during conformity assessment. The latter is in compliance with the increased requirements of standard series DIN EN ISO 17000 which specifies fundamental requirements for modern certification bodies.

PTB has thus completed the step from an approving authority to a modern conformity assessment service provider. The range of activities of the certification body covers conformity assessments in the sector subject to legal control and in the voluntary sector – and that at the national and international level.

Contact at PTB:

Phone: +49-531-592-0