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Joint Optical Metrology Center

The TU Braunschweig and the PTB have founded the Joint Optical Metrology Center (JOMC). Scientists from the field of electrical engineering of the TU and the Optics Division of the PTB will in future work together in this consolidation on the research and development of optical metrology.

Within the JOMC, selected projects are to be worked on: from a novel idea and the evaluation of the suitable metrological concept to the realisation of a prototype. It is the vision of the JOMC to expand the limits of optical measurement technology and to establish new metrological applications, preferably in the visible and near-infrared. Frequency ranges previously unused in metrology will become accessible. The research in JOMC is to lead to innovative technologies and processes as well as to prototypes with novel properties at reduced production costs and standardised, validated behaviour. As initial focal points, the working fields quantitative detection and identification of nanoparticles, fluorescence labelling and identification in bio- and medical technology, gas sensors, quantitative detection of electromagnetic fields and quantum communication will be worked on.

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