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Joint European Metrology

The national metrology institutes of Europe are now moving closer together within the field of research: On 11 January 2007, the first 26 institutes signed the memorandum of association of “EURAMET e.V.” in a ceremonious act in Berlin. An essential goal of this association will be to develop a joint European Metrological Research Programme. Currently, intensive negotiations are being conducted with the European Commission with regard to substantial research funding.

The association EURAMET e.V., which is seated in Braunschweig and whose domicile is at PTB, will replace EUROMET (which has so far been the organisation of the national metrology institutes) and will now be a legal entity with considerably extended tasks and goals. It is intended to develop and coordinate a – so far unprecedented – European research programme of metrology – a programme which will then be implemented by the national metrology institutes. The individual competencies and resources of the institutes can thus be brought together.

The national metrology institutes are currently negotiating with the European Commission regarding research funding within the framework of Article 169 of the Treaty establishing the European Community. EURAMET is thereby one of four named candidates whose projects are on the Commission‘s shortlist. A decision is expected in 2008.