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ECG process control via internet

Based on a signal pattern databank developed by PTB a procedure has now been created for evaluation and process control of ECGs (electrocardiograms) via the internet.

In between October 2002 to October 2004 PTB and the company "getemed-Medizintechnik" in Teltow developed a "demonstrator solution" to monitor and evaluate ECGs via the internet within the framework of a BMBF project. The new solution was tested with three clinical partners in Berlin (Charité, Jewish Hospital, Cardio logical practice Rankestraße).

Basis for this demonstrator solution was a method developed at PTB to evaluate and control the course of ECGs by means of signal pattern recognition. The method relies on a large signal pattern data bank with approximately 24000 ECGs. An ECG to be examined is compared with all ECGs in the databank with respect to its signal pattern. An updated diagnostic finding is derived from the diagnostics and other information stored under the most similar ECGs in the databank. In particular, this method can calculate a quantitative diagnostic progression on the base of earlier stored ECGs of the same person in the databank. The calculated progression can make a prognosis of the course of an illness. Special client-server-infrastructure was set up for this project. At the project partner getemed an ECG evaluation server was set up. That server contained the signal pattern database and the evaluation algorithm. The server was connected to the internet via a firewall.

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