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Software Test Centre Accredited

At PTB software is not only a tool for carrying out tests but itself an artefact to test. Therefore a software test center had been established at PTB which is open to customers. The centre's objective is to ensure confidence in the correct and reliable functioning of systems which essentially rely on software. The accreditation process by DATECH (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle Technik e. V.) has been successfully concluded.

Users of software actually take certain risks which must not be neglected. For example, the correct implementation of software, i. e. in compliance with the functional requirements, is a serious challenge. If the software product is to be easy to handle and readily adaptable the risks involved may go as far as outright manipulation. The task then is to minimize the (residual) risk that will always remain. For this reason PTB established a software test centre, which has now been accredited as a test laboratory confirming the test centre's competence. The accreditation covers testing of software for functionality, reliability, security and usability on the one hand and testing according to ergonomic criteria on the other.

Besides individual testing of software (packages) for calibration and measuring instrumentation, the test centre's performance spectrum includes risk prevention assessments of the manufacturer's software development processes, based on audits at the manufacturer's location.

The services of the software test centre are offered to the laboratories of PTB and other government institutions, other test and calibration laboratories, manufacturers of measuring and test equipment and, in particular, to small- and medium-sized enterprises.

For further information on the Internet at: www.softwarepruefstelle.de

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