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News from the Editor

PTBnews enters its 6th year of appearance with the present issue. In the past five years this periodical scientific news bulletin has established itself among the other PTB publications. It has become well-accepted as shown by the large number of inquiries and responses received to many of the topics reported on. PTBnews is currently circulated to more than 6000 addresses world-wide.

Beginning with this volume PTBnews will also be doubly available on the internet: At the address www.ptb.de, the latest issue and an archive containing all previous issues can be found in the area "publications/download". All issues can be downloaded as pdf documents. Totally new is that, in addition, all articles from the PTBnews can now be found under "publications/periodicals" in html format as well.

With the new year the editorial board has changed. The editor-in-chief of the past editions, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wende, has passed the position to Dr. Dr. Jens Simon, the public relations spokesperson of the PTB. In effect, the editorial office, previously run by Monika Korte in Berlin, has been relocated to Braunschweig. In addition, Dr. Fritz Riehle, editor and member of the very first board, is leaving to take on new assignments. The board-of-editors wish to thank the outgoing members for five years of invaluable editorial work and their engagement in effectively making PTBnews what it has become today.