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The «New» Helmholtz Prize

The 2001 Helmholtz prize will no longer have three, but only one prizewinner. The prize, which is endowed with 30000 DM, is jointly awarded by the Helmholtz-Fonds, a society for the promotion of metrology, and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, the donors’ association for the promoting of sciences and humanities in Germany.

The biennial Helmholtz prize is awarded to honour outstanding scientific and technological achievements in the field of metrology since 1973. The prize for 2001 has recently been announced and will be awarded for work in the fields of

  • precision measurement of physical quantities
  • metrology in medicine and environmental protection
  • informatics and mathematics applied to metrology

Submitted papers may emphasise theoretical as well as experimental or applied aspects. To take part in the competition, a manuscript in writing or electronic form has to be submitted until 15 December 2000. The prizewinner will then be chosen by an independent jury of experts.

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