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International certificates for measuring instruments


As regards the worldwide harmonization of the certification of legally regulated measuring instruments, the year 2019 can be considered as a thoroughly successful year: By the end of the year, 37 measuring instrument categories had been covered by the new certification system of the OIML (Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale), and more than 350 certificates had been issued.


This voluntary certification system standardizes the type examination of measuring instruments which are subject to legal control based on internationally harmonized OIML recommendations. The idea behind the certification system (“Tested once – accepted everywhere”) is currently being implemented by 31 countries. The advantage for measuring instrument manufacturers: They have acknowledged proof that their instruments meet the OIML requirements – which helps to accelerate national certification procedures.

PTB takes into account the test results of other OIML certicates when carrying out type examinations of measuring instruments. Furthermore, PTB is recognized worldwide as an OIML Issuing Authority, and it is one of 12 such certification bodies that are allowed to issue OIML certificates. All test laboratories and certification bodies involved around the globe are subject to strict requirements whose compliance is verified and monitored within the scope of a special review program.

PTB is actively participating in the further development of OIML-CS (OIML certification system) and is represented in the OIML-CS committees (in some instances in a leading position).