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The Calibration Certificate goes digital


Based on a European research project, PTB has developed a Digital Calibration Certicate (DCC ) which fulfills all international requirements made on such a document. This was the first step towards a conversion from conventional paper-based calibration certificates to machine-readable documents.

Symbol of the Digital Calibration Certificate

In future, any metrological information and associated meta data can be transmitted in a correct and generally comprehensible way without changing between different media. The first applications for mass standards are already being realized by PTB.

In addition to being applied to Digital Calibration Certificates, the new procedure can also be applied to any other metrological document, e.g. machine-readable conformity declarations or Digital Test Reports. The information contained in these documents can be used worldwide via suitable software interfaces.

The Digital Calibration Certificate considers all requirements of the relevant international standards and guidelines and is divided into four sections. The administrative data (e.g. name of the calibration laboratory) and the presentation of the calibration results have been strictly regulated to ensure international comprehensibility. The “Comments” section can be used freely for any additional information. An optional PDF document presents the content in a human-readable form.