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Calibration, measurement and testing capabilities


The central task in PTB‘s quality policy is to provide the metrological traceability of the reference standards of the accredited conformity assessment bodies and of the verification authorities to the national standards.

This implies the realization and dissemination of the SI units – a task that has been entrusted to PTB both by the Units and Time Act and by the Measures and Verification Act. To safeguard the uniformity of metrology, PTB has currently defined 245 national standards within the scope of the QM system. More than 90 % of them are primary standards. As part of the multilateral agreement of the International Committee for Weights and Measures on the mutual recognition of the national standards and the corresponding result reports (CIPM-MRA) which was concluded in 1999, PTB has more than 1100 recognized calibration and measurement capabilities at its disposal. These calibration and measurement capabilities form the basis for PTB‘s services in approximately 120 test fields. To ensure the metrological comparability of these services, PTB is currently participating in approximately 150 ongoing comparison measurements and pilot studies. In about 30 % of the comparisons, PTB is the pilot laboratory.

PTB’s nationally and internationally requested calibration, measurement and test capabilities formed the basis of approximately 9000 result reports issued in the period under report. To support the verification authorities, the accredited conformity assessment bodies and the national metrology institutes, PTB promotes the recognition and the further development of the calibration and measurement capabilities in the sense of metrological traceability by supplying qualified specialized expertise within the scope of assessment and evaluation procedures. PTB experts participated, for example, in more than 300 national and international procedures in this regard.