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Recognition and assessment of the QM system


Once again, PTB’s technical quality management (QM) – which is geared towards its core services in the field of calibration, measurement, testing as well as metrological research and development – has gained unlimited national and international recognition. The basis for this was provided by the legal regulations valid in the higher federal authorities; the ISO/IEC 17 025 requirements; the recommendations of the DFG for good scientific practice and – in the field of chemistry – in addition, ISO Guide 34; as well as – for the activity as a conformity assessment body – ISO/IEC 17 065.

The self-declaration on quality management, provided by the President of PTB on the basis of the recognized demonstration of competence, has been accepted without any restrictions by the customers and the users of PTB‘s services. This self-declaration is based on an annual self-assessment process carried out within the scope of the results of internal audits, comparison measurements as well as the evaluation of feedback from customers of PTB‘s services.

Within the scope of the implementation of international arrangements in the framework of the Metre Convention (CIPM-MRA), of legal metrology (OIML-MAA), and in the field of explosion protection (IEC-Ex System), international teams of experts examined the expert work done at PTB and declared their confidence in the efficiency of PTB’s quality management system. Within the scope of the mutual evaluation procedure introduced in 2015 between the national metrology institutes of Austria, Switzerland and Germany, the competence of PTB‘s Conformity Assessment Body was re-confirmed on the basis of the QM system according to ISO/IEC 17 065 and in accordance with the European Directive on nonautomatic weighing instruments (NAWID, 2014/31/ EU) and the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID, 2014/32/EU). The relevant renotification process was completed by the European Commission.