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PTB‘s New Website


Sometimes things start to age. And then they need to be revived. This is why PTB has developed a new Internet site – with a new design, a new structure and lots of new material. Particular attention has been paid to being up-to-date and user-friendliness. On 18 May 2015 the old website was „taken off the web“ and replaced by the new one – which is available at the old address (Opens internal link in current windowwww.ptb.de).

Screenshot of the top of the new homepage www.ptb.de

Anyone using the website should see that „many paths lead to the same goal“. Because even for insiders, it is not always easy to find the right way through PTB‘s structure – PTB‘s tasks and fields of work are too extensive and too diverse – on the one hand it is a National Metrology Institute and on the other hand it provides metrological services according to the Measures and Verification Act. The website therefore offers several ways of accessing or of looking at our institute: „Research & Development“ or „Metrological Services“ take you to specific subject areas, while the „Gateways“ offer guidance for different client groups. People who know their way around the structure of PTB, will find what they are looking for under „Structure & Divisions“. And if someone using the website has not only been looking for something specific but has also found it, then the right-hand column of every web page says who the contact person is for that particular field.

All in all, the new website is the result of a joint effort by many heads and hands. Within PTB the „Administrative IT Applications“ and the „Press and Information Office“ teams were and still are responsible for relaunching the website. Design issues however were dealt with by the Rubinmedia agency based in Cologne, which was awarded with the task as the most economic provider after a longlist of fifty agencies was finally narrowed down to a shortlist of five.