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MATHMET – The European Centre for Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology


In 2015, PTB, together with other European metrology institutes, founded the “European Centre for Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology (MATHMET)”. Through joint research and joint service offers, guidelines and cooperation projects, this centre aims to create a European network which provides the best possible mathematical and statistical expertise to support and strengthen metrological research in Europe.

Participants at the 2014 MATHMET Workshop at PTB’s Berlin Institute

MATHMET will enable especially smaller metrology institutes as well as small or medium-sized enterprises which do not have specialized mathematical working groups themselves to access mathematical and statistical state-of-the-art expertise. To this end, MATHMET supplies guidelines and associated validated software for their application. At the same time, MATHMET offers a forum to discuss and collaborate on mathematical and statistical issues. Moreover, the Centre will promote exchanges with academic institutions, with industry and with standardization organizations by means of joint projects and international workshops and conferences.

MATHMET aims to broaden scientific cooperation on mathematics for metrology at the European level by establishing a joint Internet portal which is aimed at spreading scientific work. Moreover, the Centre will focus on the joint research activities of its members and research cooperation projects with academic institutions as well as with standardization organizations and partners from industry. The exchange of knowledge between the members is actively promoted by means of scientific conferences, joint publications and visits of guest researchers.