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PTB Annual Report

Whether research for the presentation and dissemination of the SI, the legally regulated tasks and the transfer to industry, our range of services for society or our broad portfolio of activities for international metrology - you will find the most important news in the current annual report.

"In my view, PTB makes an outstanding contribution to ensuring that people and organizations can trust not only the measurements of today, but also all future metrological developments."
(Prof. Dr. Cornelia Denz, Präsidentin der PTB)

Here you can browse through the e-paper (German only) of our annual report:
E-Paper Jahresbericht 2022 (German only)

Anhänge zum Jahresbericht

Anhänge zum JahresberichtAnhänge zum Jahresbericht

From Divisions (German only)

From DivisionsFrom Divisions

Chemische Physik und Explosionsschutz (Abteilung 3)

Ionisierende Strahlung (Abteilung 6)

Temperatur und Synchrotronstrahlung (Abteilung 7)

Medizinphysik und metrologische Informationstechnik
(Abteilung 8)