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Worldwide unification of measurements - Panel discussion on the occasion of CPEM '96


Podiumsdiskussion anläßlich der CPEM´96

For some time now, an increased globalization of the national economies and efforts towards the removal of technical barriers to trade can be observed. Reliable measurements play a role in this context, which is often not recognized but which is nevertheless of no little importance. The observance of quality criteria is often based on measurements. These measurements must be reliable, and they must be carried out according to uniform standards.

However, this can be ensured only by a worldwide network of comparison measurements. In the past years, regional cooperations have developed among the national metrology institutes which have taken on this task. Organizations have already been set up in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North and South America and in South East Asia. Further organizations are being established.

In the panel discussion, renowned representatives of the individual regions will describe the stage reached in the particular case, and they will discuss future developments and strategies for a further extension aimed at establishing a worldwide system. The ultimate goal will be the worldwide unification of measurements and their traceability to international standards. The panel discussion will be chaired by Dr. Terry Quinn, Director of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Paris.