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A Prize for PTB Nanometrologist

Thorsten Dziomba is awarded the first prize at Euro-Asian competition


Thorsten Dziomba, a young PTB scientist, has been awarded the title "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET". His presentation convinced the high-ranking committee, among them the presidents of several national metrology institutes (NMIs) of COOMET.

Foto: Thorsten Dziomba erhält die Siegerurkunde aus der Hand des COOMET-Präsidenten Dr. G. Sidorenko. (Das Foto kann als 300-dpi-Datei bei der Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit bestellt werden: erika.schow@ptb.de)

COOMET (Euro-Asian Cooperation of National Metrological Institutions) is an organization of national metrology institutes (NMIs) in 17 Central and East European as well as Asian countries. In 2007, COOMET organized - already for the second time - a scientific conference for young metrologists up to 35 years of age. A total of 24 young scientists from 9 countries participated in the 2-day conference at the Ukrainian Metrology Institute in Kharkiv (Kharkov).

The committee of 9 high representatives unanimously selected Thorsten Dziomba of PTB to receive the first prize award in recognition of his work "Turning Scanning Probe Microscopy into a more quantitative method" . This work is the result of a cooperation with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin, and the Institute of Physics of Microstructures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPM-RAS), Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.

In his outstanding lecture, Thorsten Dziomba presented a complete traceability chain for Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM), ranging from the realization of the SI base unit "metre" at the NMI to the SPM user, e.g. in industry. Among other standards, he also introduced novel 3D standards and nano-roughness standards that he is further developing and testing in cooperation with partners.

Thorsten Dziomba, AG 5.14, E-Mail: thorsten.dziomba@ptb.de
PTB Working Group 5.14,
E-Mail: thorsten.dziomba@ptb.de