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New scientists to be recruited for quantum technologies

The Quantum Technology Competence Center (QTZ) at PTB is increasing its core team

Press Release

The second quantum revolution has been proclaimed, research plans have been drawn up and the targeted milestones have been defined. The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) is a prominent force in this process thanks to its measurement skills – cutting-edge research in all fields of optical, atomic and electrical quantum technologies which are developing a far-reaching impact on industry and society and are now on the brink of commercialization. With this in mind, PTB has purposefully expanded its fundamental research and its highly specialized services to include an application-oriented Quantum Technology Competence Center (QTZ). Together with partners from industry, PTB is specifically supporting the transfer of different quantum technologies into applications with economic potential through the QTZ. To strengthen these activities, PTB is going to recruit six additional scientists and engineers for the fields of "ion trap development and manufacturing", "superconducting quantum computers", "optical quantum technology" and "superconducting sensors". The deadline for applications is 12th April 2021.

Within the scope of our mandate at PTB, quantum technologies are a wide and versatile field of activity that encompasses both issues of fundamental research and industrial applications. PTB is a world leader in particular with regard to quantum metrology and quantum sensors. Some examples of this top-level research are highly accurate quantum standards for electrical quantities, microstructured ion traps, quantum sensors for the sensitive measurement of magnetic fields, single-photon sources and detectors for quantum radiometry and quantum cryptography, and ultrastable and accurate optical clocks. The combination of infrastructure (excellent laboratory equipment) and expertise (outstanding, highly experienced scientists) in quantum technologies distinguishes PTB.

PTB's Quantum Technology Competence Center which is currently being established supplements this fundamental work and supports the targeted transfer of quantum technologies to applications which have economic potential. The QTZ acts as a central contact for industry at the interface between scientific research and application-related development. Furthermore, it is intended to help German industry take optimal advantage of the outstanding metrological and expert competence of PTB. This includes the development of robust components and technologies, services, independent characterizations and qualifications of QT components, knowledge transfer options and training for industrial partners as well as standardization activities. PTB's sites in Berlin and Braunschweig are creating user platforms which serve as homes for the exchange of information and cooperation with industry.

The current core team of the QTZ will now become a team of ten permanent staff members to strengthen the services PTB offers up to now by establishing user platforms on "ion trap development and manufacturing", "superconductive quantum computers", "optical quantum technology" and "superconducting sensors". This step enables the QTZ to make a central and encompassing contribution to technological development in different fundamental technologies of quantum computers, quantum sensors, quantum cryptography and, of course, quantum metrology.


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Dr. Nicolas Spethmann
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Head of Quantum Technology Competence Center QTZ
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