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Laboratory balances: As precise as usual, but with a simpler technology

PTB load cell makes a known principle now also available for precision weighings


It is an advancement into the next league: load cells, which in many weighing instruments used in daily life have the task of determining the mass and converting it into an electrical signal, can now - manufactured in a somewhat different form - perform measurements with a clearly increased accuracy. They are, therewith, also suited for laboratory balances which could, thus, in future be manufactured with larger nominal load ranges. Now, the prototype of a new load cell made of monocrystalline silicon (instead of metal - as in the case of conventional load cells) and with sputtered-on strain gauges (instead of bonded strain gauges) manufactured at PTB is virtually waiting to leap into industrial production.

Silicium-Wägezelle mit aufgesputterten Dünnschicht-Dehnungsmess- streifen.

Dr. Sascha Mäuselein, PTB Working Group1.12 Balances,
phone: +49 (0) 531 592-1189,
e-mail: sascha.maeuselein(at)ptb.de

Scientific publications on this issue:
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