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Latest Annual Report published


[ptb] The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) has restructured and redesigned its Annual Report with the goal of more clearly arranging the variety of information, of presenting it in a more attractive form and of thus increasing readability. The 1999 Annual Report is the first report to follow this new concept.

First of all, it will be noticed that the Annual Report is subdivided into two parts, viz. a brochure and a CD-ROM. While the brochure is intended to inform the reader about the PTB's activities, the CD-ROM is to be seen as a reference work: It encompasses a database allowing all scientific publications and lectures of PTB members of the last year to be searched. At the same time, the CD-ROM contains numerous pieces of news and detailed information from the individual divisions and areas of work of the PTB. It therefore is easy to find an answer to many different questions such as how many guest scientists worked last year at the PTB, in what comparison measurements the PTB took part or how many and what measuring instruments were tested and approved or calibrated for industry by the PTB.

It is a new feature that the brochure part gives an overview of the PTB as a whole before the divisions present their most important news. Important events of the last year are described and meaningful figures and facts are given in the form of graphs and tables. On the whole, the information depth of the Annual Report increases from the brochure to the CD-ROM so that the reader and user will always find what he is interested in.

If you are interested in the PTB's work during the past year, the Annual Report Ð which you can obtain from the PTB Press Office - might be a valuable source of information.

Photo:Title of the PTB's Annual Report: The pictograms for the seven physical base units illustrate the basis of any measurement and thus of the work of the PTB.