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New Testing Instructions for metallic standard capacity measures for the static determination of liquid volumes

Part I: Technical requirements


Teil I: Technische Anforderungen

Volume 26 "Metallic standard capacity measures for the static determination of liquid volumes, part I: Technical requirements" has been published in the "PTB Testing Instructions" series.

Volume 26 deals with the technical design of metallic standard capacity measures which are not under pressure and are used for the static determination of the liquid volume. It assists both, users and manufacturers in the selection and manufacture of these standards in compliance with the intended use. The standard capacity measures can be used for both, the metrological testing of the liquid volume delivered by volume measuring systems equipped with volume meters and the metrological determination of filling quantities, filling tables and scales on measuring vessels or volume standards of low measurement accuracy (for example with broader error limits).

Volume 26 defines requirements for error limits, transfer points, scales, sight glasses, materials used, volume adjusting mechanisms and other accessories for both, working standards and reference standards. The explanations are supplemented by a great number of sketches for the practical realization of constructional details.

The PTB Testing Instructions serve as a directive for the testing of measuring instruments and apparatus. They are intended for verification authorities, state-approved test centres and inspection bodies and for manufacturers and testing laboratories of trade and industry. Moreover, they are of use for the establishment of test centres and measurement rooms and for training purposes.

It is planned to supplement volume 26 by a second part dealing with the metrological testing of such standard capacity measures.

PTB Testing Instructions, volume 26
"Metallic standard capacity measures for the static determination of liquid volumes", 46 pages, DM 19,60

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